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What are you up to?

ISL Adapt is currently focusing on “Project Tethys™” which focuses on incorporating artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning into the water treatment process.

Project Tethys has just entered it’s initial phase of testing. The results will be in by the end of 2021!


What's next?

ISL Adapt has just entered the initial phase of testing. This means all of the equipment is in the building and running!

After the initial test, a full prototype will be developed to be implemented on a full-scale water treatment plant. 

Can I help?

You certainly can! If you’re an artificial intelligence whiz or a reinforcement learning specialist we would love to hear from you. 

We are also always looking for new investors who believe in the importance of effective water quality treatment. 

Use our contact form below to get in touch!

Where are you located?

Most reinforcement learning research is performed in a lab or simulator. ISL Adapt has jumped right into the real world and is testing in a local water treatment plant in Alberta, Canada. 

Who is 'ISL Adapt'?

We are passionate researchers and water engineers. The drive to improve the world through streamlining the water treatment process is what spearheaded the creation of ISL Adapt.

If our name sounds familiar, you may have heard of our sister company ISL Engineering

Who are your partners?

ISL Adapt wouldn’t be possible without our amazing collaborators and funding partners:


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